Publication credits

Publication credits

Minimum publication requirements for starting the degree process

Five publications are required at the minimum with the additional minimum requirements below.

Two of the five must be published in or accepted for publication in internationally recognized foreign language peer-reviewed journals. One of the two foreign-language and reviewed journal papers must be published a journal which is referred in the Web of Science, Scopus, or Thomson Reuters.

Three publications must be in foreign language with 50% contribution by the PhD student at the minimum.

Three publications must be reviewed.

The minimum total credit points to be achieved during the eight semesters is 75.

During the assessment of the scientific activities only the published data from the Scientific Database of Hungary (the so-called MTMT – Magyar Tudományos Művek Tára) can be considered in the following way:

Scientific journal article: (the credit points have to be divided by the number of the co-author(s) who are NOT the supervisor(s) of the student: e.g. Impact Factor (IF) article for 36 credit, 5 co-author(s) from which 1 is the student himself/herself and 1 is the supervisor of him/her: 36/4=9 credit can be gathered):

                           Reviewed journal article

                                          with IF: 36 credits

                                          without IF, but published abroad (not in Hungary): 24 credits

                                          without IF, but published in Hungary: 18 credits

Reviewed conference article (min. 4 pages – the articles lower than 4 pages cannot be considered during the evaluation) which is published in printed or electrical conference proceedings with ISBN or DOI number

                        in foreign language: 24 credits

                        in Hungarian: 6 credits

Scientific book, or book chapter(s) (the credit points have to be divided by the number of the co-author(s) who are NOT the supervisor(s) of the student): for each 20 pages:

                        in foreign language: 3.6 credits

                        in Hungarian: 1.8 credits

The publication credits have been applied since September 1., 2016. The publication activities before this date are accepted based on the regulations of publication accepted in March 23., 2016.