Doctoral degree requirements in a nutshell

In order to qualification for the doctoral degree the student is responsible to meet a minimum requirement during the 8 semesters of doctoral studies. Student is required to complete a program of study and research in compliance with a personal research plan. During this program, 240 credits must be collected. A given cumulative credit requirement is applied at the end of each semester. Credits must consist of a minimum of 32 course credits (8 credits/course), a minimum of 75 research publication credits, and a maximum of 60 teaching credits. Additional 8-15 credits can be collected on the basis of evaluation of written and oral semester end report. Active and relevant participation in an out of doctoral school research project can yield 6-10 credits based on the proposal of an authorized project leader.

Student who successfully passed the above requirements receives a certificate and become eligible for the start of the doctoral phase. This phase consists of thesis writing, thesis review, defense, and final decision on awarding doctoral degree.