Research plan

The research plan should be concrete and specific. It must be appropriate for evaluation and substantially facilitate the planned work. It must not contain general text which does not serve the purpose of highest level of university student activity. Research plan should include topic, background, objectives, planned partial results, and methods. It must demonstrate that student is familiar with the topic and planned research.

Research plan should be prepared with the structure below. All points must be answered separately.

  1. Title of research work.
  2. Title of research topic and name of supervisor as it was announced by the Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics, Óbuda University.
  3. Key words (3-5).
  4. General preliminaries in own research activities (motivation, preliminary research, connections with other research programs, etc.).
  5. Preliminaries and outside research connections in the field of the planed doctoral research.
  6. Specific research objectives, their relevance and importance, and topicality within the actual branch of science.
  7. Specific subtasks of the proposed research (3-5 rows), their interdependence and external connections.
  8. Planned research procedures, techniques and methods, demand for and availability of equipment, devices, and toolkits for each subtask.
  9. Partial results of the planned research, subtasks relevant to them. The greatest possible delimitation of things and relations to examine and analyze.
  10. List of publications on the primary sources which are intended to consider and cite in the course of the planned research for each partial result. This list must be coordinated with the outside research connections tagged under points 5 and 7.
  11. Title of minimum 4 subjects and their semester based schedule. In the case of need for additional discussion with subject leaders, answer to this point of the research plan can be postponed.
  12. Supervisor’s note.
  13. Date.
  14. Signature of the supervisor.
  15. Signature of the student.