End semester report

End semester report consists of written material and oral presentation. Deadline of written material submission and time and program of the oral presentations will be actually announced.

I. Structure of the written material must follow the template below:

1. Identification

  • Name of university and doctoral school
  • No. of semester for which the report was elaborated
  • Name of student
  • Name of supervisor(s)
  • Title of topic group
  • Title of topic

2. Survey of the research work during the reported semester

  • Short description of results achieved during previous semesters and necessary to understand the reported work.Results achieved during the reported semester
  • Research objectives, their importance, and actuality within the branch of sciences.
    • Research plan.
    • Experimental methods applied (procedures, techniques, methods).
    • Itemized description of concrete research results.
    • List of primary source (not own!) publications which were applied at the research.
    • Brief introduction to planned work during the next semester as a logical continuation of the reported research.

3. Absolved courses for doctoral subjects

  • Title
  • Code
  • Name of lecturer
  • Mark

4. Classes given for BSc and MSc courses

For each course:

  • Name of university, faculty, and program.
  • Title of subject.
  • Type of activity: lecture, seminar, or laboratory.
  • Number of class hours/week during all the semester.
  • Certificate signed by the leader of teaching program.

5. Own publications

List of released or in-press own authored scientific books, book chapters, journal papers, and conference papers which have been accepted on the basis of review process. See conditions and credits under the element “Publication credits” in this menu. All items must be about own research topic and results.

6. Active participation at research projects

  • Name of university or research organization.
  • Title and identifying number of research.
  • Certificate which includes proposed credit grant and signed by the leader of project.

7. Signatures

  • Supervisor’s note.
  • Date.
  • Signature of the supervisor.
  • Signature of the student.

II. Oral presentation

Its purpose is concise and itemized support the written research report. It must be appropriate for evaluation of the student’s research progress during the reported semester. It is important to clearly separate own research and results. Duration of presentation is 10 minutes. Keeping this time frame is enforced in order to keep the schedule of presentations.