Required and Granted Credits

1. Any PhD requirement is specified in number of credits (points).

2. Student must collect a total of 240 credits during the eight-semester doctoral training to obtain the absolutory. Credits can be gained for student activities including end semester reports, absolved courses for subjects, publications, active participation at research projects, and classes given for BSc and MSc courses. Enrollment for the second and higher semesters is allowed only for student who has a total of at least 20, 45, 75, 90, 110, 150, 180 credits collected during the previous semesters.

3. The number of credits for student activities:

  1. End semester report. In case of accepted written report and oral presentation student gains 8 or 15 credits for the report in each of 1-4 or 5-8 semesters, respectively.
  2. Absolved courses for doctoral subjects. Student gains 8 credits for each course. Minimum 32 credits are required and maximum 64 credits can be gained.
  3. Own publications relevant to the research topic and own results. Minimum 75 credits are required. Types of eligible publications are limited. See details under the element “Publication credits” in this menu.
  4. Active participation at research projects. 6-10 credits may be gained for research in a registered project. Considering the above range, leader of project suggests on the amount of credits granted for this activity.
  5. Classes given for BSc and MSc courses. 2 credits are gained for one hour/week for full semester. Activity must be certified by the leader of teaching program in which the course was scheduled. Maximum 60 credits can be gained. 

A maximum of 5 credits per semester can be gained for teaching activities in the first four semesters, while a maximum of 10 credits per semester can be gained in the fifth to eighth semesters.