Call for prospective PhD student research application at the DSAIAM Virtual Research Laboratory (DSAIAM -VRL) in 4-year doctoral program

The Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics (DSAIAM) of the Óbuda University announces four-year doctoral program as a complement to its current application announcement under the same conditions for PhD research at its Virtual Research Laboratory (DSAIAM-VRL).

Applicants are welcomed for scientific-industrial PhD research in the world-class, state-of-the-art DSAIAM-VRL virtual laboratory which is based on a completely new idea and meets the current highest requirements against engineering informatics research, in applied informatics and applied mathematics science branches.

Student who is admitted to the VRL PhD program does research on a cloud platform developed to fulfill the needs by projects at world’s leading industries. This platform offers scientifically renewable laboratory tools those meet the requirements by research using most advanced analysis and behavior based models. PhD student choose one of the flexibly configurable VRL topics available here in a broad topic area which for example includes bionics and medical informatics, or can plan research in own defined topic. Research plan is mandatory in the application material. The AIAMDI-VRL provides supervisor and necessary tools for PhD student research. PhD students who work on AIAMDI-VRL topics, form research group and can be in professional contact with other students doing research on the same platform, all over the world in own collaborative space.

The VRL research is motivated by current and future needs posed by increasingly higher level of automation at leading industries. During four years PhD work, student develops, analyzes, and verifies complex experimental model that represents all activities including research results in own collaborative space on the VRL cloud platform. Important outside connections of this experimental model are out of platform solutions (e.g. MathWorks, Dymola), other collaborative spaces for research carried outside of the VRL platform, activities at institution or company providing research topic and helping and guiding PhD student’s research, as well as cyber units in cyber-physical-biological structures for physical experiments and for application of research results. One of the advantages of VRL’s research method is that results and their development history can be proved and verified using executable experimental model virtually and when necessary, physically at any time. Where it is possible, the application of research results can be presented in integrated, highly automated experimental environment to the demanded extent. If you want to know more details about the PhD student activities, general protocol of the VRL PhD research can be accessed here.

The VRL platform is configured and managed in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and cloud of the Dassault Systémes S.A., a world leading company in comprehensive and integrative development of engineering informatics at this level. The VRL platform is essentially required basis of the PhD research at VRL and is available for research by PhD students. The VRL platform does not serve general industrial modeling instead it serves as laboratory for scientific research, while its primary purpose is working PhD students on real model level scientific-industrial research and direct application of research results using model level connections of experimental model on the VRL platform.

Prospective PhD student applying for research at AIAMDI-VRL can initiate joining the international PhD program “Cooperation Agreement on the International PhD Program on Strategic Engineering” on own decision and in own topic. This is a special opportunity for student admitted for full-time scholarship to enroll the doctoral school of the Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy) in accordance with conditions in the agreement between the two universities and participate in double PhD and spend a year at the long traditioned Italian university as part of own PhD studies at AIAMDI-VRL. In case of suitable research results, PhD student can obtain a PhD degree at both universities.

Those planning or interested in application to enroll the VKL’s PhD program can get more information from the flyer that can be downloaded here, on the AIAMDI website, at the AIAMDI secretariat, or at the head of VRL.